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Protect your intellectual property assets.

Patents, trademarks, copyrights, & trade secrets:

Just like real property and personal property, the legal system protects “intellectual” property. This includes inventions; business names and branding; secret formulas, processes, and methods used in production; and creative works such as illustrations, songs, photographs, poems, and sculptures.

We can help protect your intellectual property rights by:

  • Obtaining and enforcing your rights in your patents, trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets.
  • Advising and guiding you through the process of obtaining intellectual property protection.
  • Assisting you with infringement issues, licensing, and compliance.
  • Negotiating and litigating intellectual property-related business contracts such as partnership, joint venture, distribution, franchise, licensing, and supply agreements.

Res Nova Law can help your business with intellectual property transactions and intellectual property litigation.

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Learn about the different types of intellectual property:


We help our clients protect their inventions, ensure that their products and processes are non-infringing, take down infringers, and enforce their patent rights in court.

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We protect and enforce our clients' rights in their brand names, logos, designs, and trade dress; take down knockoffs; and advocate for their trademark rights in court.

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We help our clients protect their creative works, take down copycats, and assert their intellectual property rights in their songs, illustrations, photographs, and literary works.

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Trade Secrets

We advise our clients on how to gain trade secret protection, keep proprietary information confidential, and on when it might be a good idea to apply for patent protection.

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  • Representation of an international wood products equipment company in a trade secret misappropriation, patent infringement and breach of non-compete agreement action.

  • Representation of a national computer software developer in patent infringement suit brought by a competitor.

  • Representation of a heavy lift aircraft manufacturer in the negotiation of a joint development and patent licensing agreement.

  • Defense of a bag supplier in a trademark infringement suit brought by a national sporting goods manufacturer, against whom summary judgment of patent infringement was obtained.

  • Defense of a national garden accessory supplier in a trademark and trade name infringement suit.

  • Representation of a local courier service in a declaratory judgment suit for non-infringement of service mark.

  • Defense of an internet-based, computer peripheral supplier in an anti-cybersquatting and trademark infringement/dilution action.

  • Defense of an Oregon children's book author in a copyright infringement suit brought by a non-resident plaintiff.

  • Representation of an on-air chef in a trademark infringement suit.

  • Defense of a hospital, sued for copyright infringement as a result of its commission and display of artwork.

  • Representation of a health care product manufacturer in a patent infringement and trade secret suit.

  • Defense of an infrared mapping service provider in a patent infringement suit.

  • Representation of a ground penetrating radar products distributor on counterclaims for trademark violations and cybersquatting.

  • Representation of a national insurance and financial services company in a trademark infringement action against a national financial services competitor.

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