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Portland Business Spotlight: Level 10 Group X

Posted by Res Nova Law | Jun 29, 2018 | 0 Comments

As sunny skies and warm weather set in, Res Nova Law shines our Portland Business Spotlight on fitness equipment and training company, Level 10 Group X. Founded by Reggie Senegal, an entrepreneur who realized his passion for creating fitness products when he retired from a decorated and professional track running career, Level 10 Group X rises with its new flagship product: the Octofit. After a decade of development while he launched other successful products, Reggie now stands with a deep, experienced, and like-minded team ready to do whatever it takes to bring the Octofit to market. They have big plans. We recently caught up with Reggie to learn all about where he's been, what drives him, and where Level 10 Group X is going.

Reggie in the factory, perfecting the Octofit. © 2018 Level 10 Group X.

Reggie in the factory, perfecting the Octofit. © 2018 Level 10 Group X.

It Was Right in Front of Him the Whole Time:

Like other athletes who worked through years of grueling training to succeed at such a high level, Reggie searched for something to feed his passions and fulfill him when his track career ended. Some things felt like a step backwards, and Reggie is one to move forward. "We're meant to grow," he says. While working as a personal trainer, he finally saw what was right in front of him the whole time—he could create and sell new fitness products, connect with people, and perform on a global scale like he did before. He loves people, loves puzzles, loves learning new things all the time. So, he started his own business.

As Reggie puts it, "I'm an artist in how I breathe life into the product. That is so great for me personally." And to see the product out in the world and helping people is massive. Some of his successful products before the Octofit are the 1Vest and SnapLaces. Early on, Reggie invented and patented the Octofit too. Now he's applying his hard-earned years of experience and business-savvy to realize his goals with the Octofit. His main business lesson learned? It's so important to have a team that's driven, with business instincts and commitment like you. You will hit roadblocks, Reggie says, and the team will overcome them.

Realizing the Octofit's Huge Potential:

Level 10 Group X has big plans for the Octofit, the company's first product. They're funded, in part, through a successful Kickstarter campaign, and are about to ship the products. The Octofit is a complete,  innovative, full-body home-exercise platform. Shaped like an octogon you can stand on with a rounded bottom and grab-anywhere handles, the Octofit incorporates resistance bands, balance elements, and a way to work pretty much every part of your body. And, unlike so many others, Level 10 Group X is building a complete on-demand library of training videos making the Octofit not just accessible to everyone, but interesting to use. People shouldn't get bored of doing the same workout all the time.

To make it all happen, Reggie has built a team that works together. Pam Wilson is Level 10 Group X's CFO. They met through her father who is good friends with Reggie. Siobhan Doyle, who runs her own web development business, is Level 10 Group X's Creative Director. They met through their kids' friendship at school. Lead instructor Mandy Mozzochi, Level 10 Group X's Director of Education, couples her business degree and entrepreneurial drive with a fitness following to craft interesting, challenging training programs. Videographer James Allen has run his own business, Visual Aid, Inc., in Portland for years and creates professional videos for Level 10 Group X's library. Everyone has some things in common: they are willing to execute no matter the roadblock; if they must learn something new, they do it; they're curious. And they all work hard.

Surrounding themselves with successful people, Level 10 Group X and Reggie aim for great success.  Like Reggie, they shoot high and won't go backwards. And now with the Octofit, the Level 10 Group X team is primed to succeed as a real player in the fitness industry. Thanks for chatting with us, Reggie!

Check out and watch the below video to learn more about this revolutionary product:

© 2018 Level 10 Group X.

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