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Learn About Patent Law.

Patents offer protection for your new and useful inventions, including methods, devices, plants, designs, software, and more.

  1. Patent Law 101: What Are Patents and How Can We Help?

  2. Patents and Confidentiality: What You Need to Keep Secret and Why

  3. Should You Seek Patent Protection for Your Cannabis-Related Invention?

  4. Proper Venue in Patent Infringement Suits After 'TC Heartland'

  5. Apple Loses to Samsung in Supreme Court Design Patent Case, But the Battle Isn't Over

  6. Reuse, Recycle, and Repurpose: A Big Supreme Court Win for Thrifty Businesses

Check out the below video and accompanying article, Protect Your Innovation: An Interview with Shawn Small of Ruckus Composites.

Learn About Trademark Law.

Trademarks offer protection for your branding, including business and product names, designs, slogans, logos, and overall appearance.

  1. Trademark Law 101: What Are Trademarks and How Can We Help?

  2. Trade Dress: How to Protect the "Look and Feel" of Your Business

  3. How to Choose a Name for Your Business

  4. Cheerios Yellow: A Colorful Approach to Branding and Trademarks

  5. A Heart-to-Heart Conversation About Trademarks: Heart LLC v. Heart Pizza

  6. The Slants at the Supreme Court: Exclusive Band Interview

Check out the below video and accompanying article, Protect Your Brand: An Interview with Ian Williams of Deadstock Coffee.

Learn About Copyright Law.

Copyrights offer protection for your creative works, including songs, illustrations, photographs, literature, and other original works of authorship.

  1. Copyright Law 101: What are Copyrights and How Can We Help?

  2. Collaboration, Co-Authors, and Joint Authorship: Who Owns the Copyright?

  3. Memes and Copyright Infringement: What Happens When a Tweet Goes Viral?

  4. Grumpy Cat Wins $710,000 in a Copyright and Trademark Infringement Lawsuit

Learn About Trade Secret Law.

Trade secrets offer protection for your proprietary business information, including secret methods, formulas, discoveries, customer lists, and more.

  1. Trade Secret Law 101: What are Trade Secrets and How Can We Help?

  2. Trade Secrets: How to Protect Your Proprietary Business Information

  3. Waymo v. Uber: Patrolling the Line Between Patents and Trade Secrets

Learn About Business Law and Contracts.

Business law covers a wide range of topics, including contracts, entity formation, buying or selling company assets, intellectual property, and more.

  1. Business Law 101: What Does Business Law Cover and How Can We Help?

  2. Drafting and Negotiating Contracts: 5 Tips for Small Business Owners

  3. Employees, Employers, Independent Contractors, and Intellectual Property: Whose Right is it Anyway?

  4. Choosing a Legal Structure for Your Business

Check out the below video and accompanying article, Protect Your Business: An Interview with Tamara Young of Consign Couture.

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