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Protecting Businesses, Brands & Innovation.

We're a boutique intellectual property and business law firm based in beautiful Portland, Oregon, with experience serving innovative companies and entrepreneurs in the Pacific Northwest and beyond.

We represent individuals, small and mid-sized businesses of all types and sizes, including creatives, startups, and more mature companies.

We aim to be as innovative and entrepreneurial as our clients are, and that's why we call ourselves the “new thing”.

Although each situation is unique, our focus is always on our clients' most important business goals.

Pronunciation: rez 'noh-vuh | Origin: Latin | Definition: new thing; used by courts to describe an issue of new law or a case of first impression.

Our Mission

What We Do:

We exclusively practice intellectual property and business law, which allows us to be experts in our field, gain specialized knowledge, and really get to know our clients' industries. That way, we can provide our clients with the personal attention they deserve.

Our creative and effective intellectual property solutions are always custom-tailored to fit within the framework of our clients' unique business objectives.

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What We Care About:

As a woman-owned business, diversity and inclusion are incredibly important to us. We take pride in supporting and elevating the businesses of all our clients, regardless of race, gender, class, nationality, ability, and sexual orientation.

We also care a great deal about our community here in Portland and beyond, and we support organizations such as The Pongo Fund, Black Lives Matter and the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund.

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Accessibility • Transparency • Accountability • Support

Core Values

We believe that law firms should evolve along with technology and reflect modern business values.


We believe that everyone should have access to skillful legal representation. Often times traditional private law firms are simply too expensive for startups and small to mid-size businesses. To address this problem of access to justice, we offer a $100 20-minute initial consultation to potential clients, many flat fee services and hybrid contingency fee arrangements for certain business disputes.


We believe that legal fees should be straight-forward and affordable, with no hidden costs. Accordingly, we bill twice monthly and we offer flat fees and hybrid contigency fees whenever practical, so that our clients can understand how our legal work fits into their budget. When it's not practical to offer flat fees, we provide itemized cost estimates and we work with our clients to stay within their budgets.


We believe that all businesses, including law firms, should be environmentally and socially accountable. Accordingly, we are paperless as much as possible, we give back to our community and we reduce overhead costs whenever practical to minimize costs for our clients. We are constantly striving to better serve our clients, by learning from other legal experts and industry leaders.


We believe in supporting our clients' work. We not only support our clients through zealous legal representation, but we support them in the community as well. We happily attend our clients' art shows, launch parties, expert panels, and other business-related events, because we're genuinely excited about the amazing things that our clients are doing.

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Susan Ford

Founder / Principal Attorney

  • Susan works with trusted contract attorneys and paralegals as necessary to meet the needs of a matter or case.

  • We will gladly share their details with you at any time upon request.

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