Liz Swanson


Of Counsel / Attorney

Liz Swanson was admitted to the California State Bar in 1990, after having graduated from the University of Utah Law School where she served on the Law Review. Her practice has focused exclusively on patent, trademark and copyright law matters, including intellectual property litigation, since then.

Before law school, Liz graduated Cum Laude from the Biology department before working for five years with genetic variants of E. coli, T4 bacteriophages and HeLa cells to study genetic control of protein production in those organisms.

Liz is a member of the California Bar, the Central District of California courts, the Federal Circuit Court and the Patent Bar. She has represented clients in over 40 different matters before the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board and has not lost a matter in that forum. Trademark searches, filings and responses to office action currently comprise most of her work at Res Nova Law.

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