Outside General Counsel Subscription Plans


We offer Outside General Counsel (OGC) subscription plans because we understand that any business has ongoing legal needs that require consistent attention in order to capture business opportunities and avoid adverse legal outcomes. We also understand that, without a concrete legal budget and regular communication with counsel, the legal needs of the business can feel overwhelming and unduly expensive.

Therefore, we offer custom OGC subscription plans to provide an outside legal team capable of handling the following 8 key legal needs of most businesses*:

  • LLC and corporate formation services 
  • Corporate governance and shareholder compliance

  • Company policies and procedures

  • Employment agreements and policies

  • Intellectual property 

  • Commercial transactions and contracts

  • Business Transitions and Exits

Our goals and your costs:

We aim to become a trusted and integral part of your team working as or in conjunction with your in-house legal team. Our goal is to bring more value to your business every month than you will have paid in legal fees.

We offer our OBC plans at the following monthly subscription levels, depending upon your specific needs. We won't require an annual contract and you are free to discontinue the plan at any time, although we hope you won't:

  • $750 per month

  • $1,000 per month

  • $2,500 per month

  • $5,000 per month

* For some of this work, we partner with independent attorneys or other professionals with specific expertise or in different parts of the country.

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